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Paul Marlow is an experienced personal trainer in Vancouver who has been training driven individuals for 8 years. While playing baseball and basketball in college, Paul was trained under Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Dr. Kyle Piece, for 2 years at LSUS. With the knowledge, expertise, and dedication from 12 years of training himself, Paul will personally work with you to ensure that all your goals are achieved.

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Personal Training


With Paul, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of heavy lifting and accomplish goals and objectives that will extend into your business and professional life. For $120 per session, you will receive a dedicated trainer who has perfected his techniques to work with entrepreneurs and motivated individuals who are ready to invest in themselves for a better future. A minimum commitment of 6 months is required to ensure the best results and experience the best ROI for your body. Investing in your own body’s health and well-being is as rewarding as investing in your finances, stocks, and business.

Paul’s Strategy

Build You Back Up From The Base

Paul’s strategy includes identifying incorrect forms learned from years of improper training and equipping you with the proper techniques – building you back up from the base. Through his methodology, Paul ensures that you use the most muscles in your body and make the most out of each workout. Paul’s core style is rooted in Olympic Lifting – beginning with base movements and adapting the final product to what you want to achieve.


One-On-One Support

Establishing a goal-oriented learning style, Paul will closely work with you one-on-one to ensure that each lift you learn has a specific reason, technique, and method. Understanding that working out requires foundational roots and a supported groundwork, Paul ensures that each previous lift is mastered for it to grow and develop into the next lift. He helps and encourages you to accomplish your goals and milestones – taking the steps you need to drive forward and actually grow with you. His goal-oriented learning style is rooted in measuring your key performance indicators which guarantees that you will see results.

Establish A New Life Style

The inspiring growth mentality that you and Paul will build together will transfer into your personal and professional life – truly transforming your life for the better. Training with Paul will not only establish and build your physique but your confidence as well – manifesting a renewed you that you never thought could be possible.


Previous Success Stories with Paul

  • I have been working with Paul Marlow for almost 5 1/2 years now. What started out as a need to get rid of some weight and generally get healthy has transformed into a drive to get stronger and see exactly what it is, that I am capable of achieving. Yes I do lift heavy weights and compete as a Masters Olympic weightlifter with Canadian two records in my age and weight class.....but I didn't start out doing that. Paul specializes in working with people who want to achieve a healthier self. Through strength training and functional fitness movement, Paul helps his clients achieve better mobility and flexibility as well as muscle strength. Working with clients 35 and over has become a bit of a specialty for him. His straight forward approach and to training each client from their personal starting point means that you are not getting a cookie cutter training program. For many people attempting the gym later on in life the idea of someone making you do a bunch of cardio, just isn't appealing. Paul's care and attention to what you need to do to achieve your goal... whatever that might be, is what keeps his clients coming back for the long term. Paul encouraged me to choose a goal that would challenge me and when I told him I wanted to go to the 2017 World Masters Games in New Zealand as an Olympic weightlifter, he set a plan in place to help me get there. For someone who had never been into athletics and was almost 62 years old, this might have seemed crazy. Paul was willing to take on the challenge to help me learn to do the lifts and get to my goal. Paul continues to encourage me to reach high. I have been able to transform my health and wellness as well as gaining the confidence to build a new career path, all thanks to Paul's willingness to share his knowledge and expertise as he grows and expands his own business and brand. Although I have moved out of Burnaby, there is a reason I have been willing to get up at 5 am every day and drive from Ladner to Burnaby for the last two years. Kind, Honest and a Great Sense of Humour too. If you live in the Burnaby/Vancouver area, I highly recommend you check him out.

    Sue Spencer 63 year old World Masters Games Medalist
  • I've been wanting to get more active and healthier for a while. It's hard when you're leading a life on the go and your business takes you all over the place. However, I've come to set some time to work out with Paul for over a year now. We've taken my body from something that was broken, hurting, and could barely make it through a squat to something that is fat-burning, muscle growing, and achieving a smaller belly month by moth. It's more than physical aspects though, I find my focus is far better and that I'm motivated to accomplish the things I need to do to get ahead. The training you get will motivate you far beyond the gym. I've seen this change occur in my life over the last year and now I'm waking up feeling amazing and driven. I'd say Paul's methods are perfect for the busy entrepreneur or business savvy executive. I schedule him in like I'd schedule in a business meeting, and before you knew it I had time to work out. Mentally, we need to be on point to be leaders at work; personal training helps more than just the physical aspects of health. You owe it to yourself and your business to put the best you forward - mind, body, and soul.

    Hafeez Noorani CMO of Evilnut Creative Technology
  • Like many people, I hadn't been able to find the time to go to the gym. I'm a busy mom, who works full-time and often has to travel for business. About six months ago, I decided to get serious about getting into better shape. But the thought of going to a gym intimidated me, and I wasn't sure that I could keep myself motivated to work out regularly. So I decided to invest in a personal trainer, and found Paul. He asked me about my goals, and tailored a training program just for me. I train with him three times a week, and have been doing that consistently for the last 6 months. When I travel on business, he even gives me a workout plan that I can even do in my hotel room. I was so uncoordinated at first, but Paul was so patient and motivating - I can't believe the improvement in my form, and in my body! He's very professional, always arrives early to set up for our sessions, and sends reminder notes or texts to keep me motivated. I also really like the atmosphere as it's not a 'typical' gym, which allows me to focus on my workout. This is the first time in my life I've been consistent in my fitness routine, and I credit Paul for keeping me motivated and our workouts interesting and challenging. Paul is the best!

    Angela Scardillo VP Marketing & Communications
  • I’ve trained with Paul for the past year. I chose to work with him initially because he didn’t have a gimmicky marketing strategy. I’ve continued to work with him because he’s straightforward and highly competent. He’s a coach not a trainer. He’s been able to: 1.simplify the world exercise for me 2.established results quickly 3.keep me interested All of the work we’ve done has been related to Olympic lifting which was completely foreign to me . It’s been a wonderful sport to begin to understand under Pauls guidance. The advantages it has over other forms of strength exercise become obvious. I’ve developed my technique while gaining strength and there is literally no need to resort to traditional work out schedules: Back, bi’s, shoulders, legs…..all that shitt is out. We spend :45-1:00 on the Olympic movements and every muscle group is engaged. Paul has also decided not to offer me weird advice, or inspirational one liners from fanatical fitness gurus. I appreciate that! In regards to an ‘impact statemnent’ I think the most relevant thing is confidence. Im in a sales role at work and presenting in front of groups is easier for me to do if I’m feeling fit. That’s a fairly universal principal I think, It’s nice to be in good shape.

    Tyler Fox Employee Benefits Advisor
  • Being a physically active 60-year old, I have been working with Paul on a regular basis over the past 7 years to ensure I keep my body tuned for the rigours of backcountry skiing, tennis, and biking which are my key activities. His customized programs are designed to maximize your overall body and core strength, balance, and flexibility which results in better performance while reducing the risk of injury. With the disciplined and focused workouts, my skiing is better than ever and I am generating significantly more power with my tennis ground strokes due to a stronger core. My recovery time from various injuries has also been shortened with Paul utilizing his knowledge of body mechanics to design specific workout routines to enable quicker recovery times with any short-term injuries that are inevitable with an active lifestyle. Recently we have integrated Olympic style lifting movements and kettlebell work into my training which has really moved my fitness to a higher level.

    Mark Managing Partner of A Financial Services Company

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