To be honest, I have never bought my own pair of sunglasses until these Persols.

Perhaps that’s not the best thing to admit to as I am a self-proclaimed lifestyle influencer. Oh well, if I can’t be honest with my audience, who can I be honest with?

After having these sunglasses for over 6 months now, I know these Steve McQueens were the perfect pair for me to splurge on before bidding farewell to summer. This classic European look in the Dark Havana colour is versatile with a multitude of clothing styles and combinations. Also, you can’t forget the fact that style icon, Steve McQueen himself, made these exact pair of shades popular – which equips anyone who puts these on with an extra edge of style.

At first glance, the Steve McQueen’s folding system had me reaching for my American Express. Years ago, I would have tried to blend in with the crowd as much as possible because my height made me feel different. Since I wanted to blend in, I would have chosen the basic black  Wayfarer Ray Bans without a doubt. However, over the years as I became more comfortable with myself and where I stand in society, my decisions in life began to slowly break outside of my comfort zone. 

The only issue I have with these glasses is that when I try to fold them and put them into the “shirt pocket” carrying case, it requires a lot of focus to make them fit in with the cleaning cloth. However, after a few minutes (and several attempts), I finally figured out the proper placement of each piece to allow the clasp to close. While the arrangement of these components could be more efficient, it does work out in the end.

Since sunny days are not too far away, or perhaps a pre summer trip to Europe is in the cards. Try a pair of these sunglasses and stand out from the boys.

Shot by Mario Szabo

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