Fighting any battle mentally for me has been a long drawn out process, slowly bettering myself inch by inch day by day week by week… I hope you see where im going next on that.

There has been nothing that made my life instantaneously better, however, adding little bits of positive re-enforcement here and there throughout my days and then repeating the ones that left a positive impact have helped me considerably.

Changing my morning coffee has been one of the positive changes.

I have added making a Bulletproof coffee even to my 45 minute morning routine, making sure I don’t let it nor the other 5 steps be forgotten.

By taking out a daily dose of sugar and milk and instead, adding high-quality fats, I realised I was starting my day with a far more uplifting mindset.


Here is how I make it.


• Local ground coffee – 2 heaping tablespoons

• Steep for 7 minutes

Add these into a blender

12 tablespoons grass-fed organic butter
12 teaspoons grass fed ghee butter


1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons MCT oil ( Start small and over time add more, your bowels will thank you )

1 scoop of powdered collagen ( This is an additive I like to add because it helps hair and nail growth while making the coffee frothier )


• Pour brewed coffee into a blender

• Blend for 2030 seconds, until a froth has formed

Pour and enjoy!!!

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