After six days of heightened senses and awareness in Marrakech I chose to head south once back in Portugal. I had heard from many of my friends that the Algarves were a “couldn’t miss” destination – and wow were they right!

After a few discussions with a fellow traveler who grew up in Portugal, I chose to stay in the small town of Faro. This sounded like the perfect location to unwind away from the more touristy and crowded towns down on the coast.

Right after I landed from my flight coming from Marrakech, I took the bus to the train station and then took the three an half hour train ride down to Faro. It was a beautiful ride through the vineyards and countryside as the sun was setting. And once arriving in the Old Town of Faro , I knew I had made the right choice on where to spend my final 3 days on my trip. The town was small and laid back; it did have quite a few people in it, but everyone was of the same mindset, look for a quiet place to enjoy their summer getaway.

I found my hotel off of, while on all other stays on this trip I had used Airbnb.  The Residential Dandy  was perfect for me. The only room they had left was a double bed room, but I took it because of its central location. I would definitely stay there again if passing through. It wasn’t high class, It has shared washrooms, but the rooms were large and comfortable, with good wifi all throughout the place.

I spent the rest of my time there enjoying the beaches the area had to offer, and was lucky to come across my friend and photographer Matt Boffano from Uruguay, who shot some these great shots I got from my time there. Enjoy!

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