I’m  not a doctor nor do care to be one – too many damn years in that prison they call school for me!

However, these are my insights on how Intermittent Fasting has worked for me, and my 10 second answers to the hour-long discussion I have with most people who are looking to get into this.

Through my ten years in the fitness industry, and seven of them being a personal trainer, I have tried 3-4 different techniques of eating habits to help maintain/ grow my muscle while pushing for fat loss. But just as importantly is the ability to follow this plan through a full day from waking up till bedtime.

My last meal planning involved me eating every 3 hrs after I woke up; keeping my body always stocked with protein and to not lose any muscle growth. At least this was what I thought was happening….

These other areas are for another day and another post… most likely 10 more to dive into properly.

Today I want to give you the dummies guide to intermittent fasting for those who don’t want the scientific mumbo jumbo to deter them even trying to see if it works for them (I have a feeling it just might work for a large portion of you)

The biggest factors why I enjoy Intermittent Fasting are:

  •  More energy in day
  •  Fat loss
  •  Muscle gain
  •  Better cognitive function
  •  More efficient digestive track
  •  Not prisoner to when my next meal is

1) How many hours do you fast?                    

16 hrs minimum for men … 14 hrs minimum women


2) What kind of diet do you need to do on it?     

There is no need change in eating when doing ITF


3) When do I workout?                      

There is no specific time, it all depends on you and what you feel best on, perhaps end of your fast, or just before eating your last meal.


4) Can I drink liquids while fasting?               

Yes – this isn’t a religious fast, it’s a dietary fast and water is always important.


5) What can I drink while fasting?      

Green tea / Black Coffee / Bulletproof Coffee 


6) Do I have to do it on weekends too?           

Yes you can, but  no you don’t have too ..  Do you want the most results as efficiently as possible??


7) Can I have a cheat day?     

Yes – Duhhh! You need your Ben and Jerry’s at some point.

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I hope these questions and answers help you out in some areas you may have been curious on. I dive more into the answers in the video above.

From my clients that have tried intermittent fasting, the feed-back is that it’s the easiest diet plan to start and maintain. Why? Because we’re not talking about removing anything drastic, just changing when we eat.

These answers are broken down to the purest answer possible, so those of you who want more in-depth answer on any, comment on this blog and I’ll reply to the best of my ability.

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