Shopping in the holidays can be a stressful enough event for the majority of humanity, now just imagine shopping for someone who is at the top 99 percentile. Society gawks at them, fantasizes to be like them one day, perhaps even idolizes them. But rarely do they make clothes that fit them.

So let me take that extra stress off of your holiday season and you find that perfect brand of the style of clothing you are wanting to get your taller than average significant other.


Coming from London, you should already know that this clothing brand has a better chance of fitting the taller man more properly. The European cut in general fits the taller men’s builds over the North American cuts of clothing.

Lynch and Mason is your go-to for a more refined look “for the sophisticated modern gentlemen”, as they have put it. And I do not disagree from what I have seen. Shop here if you are trying to get you (or your man) to get out for a night on the town a bit more often. Or if you want to stop wearing that hoodie when walking around town and act a bit more your age with a perfectly fitted overcoat.

These prices may raise your eyebrows, but after all these years of stretching out a shirt that didn’t fit properly from day one, taught you anything? Perhaps that paying more upfront will keep you fitted properly for many years to come.

American Tall 

Looking for a long T that won’t be just as wide as tall? Perhaps a casual pair of jeans for day to day use ? Or maybe just a comfy pair of sweats to wear on the weekends while lounging at home? Then American Tall is the site you want to shop.

These guys have all of your casual day to day needs covered, all the way down to the socks!!

 Navas Lab

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the need to have multi use rainproof jackets is a necessity. Dealing with the wind and rain in a shorter than needed jacket is never ideal,

Navas Lab has given the jackets room to play with also if you are in closer to freezing temperatures and need to throw a sweater underneath, there is no awkward tight cuts to the jacket that make it hard to move in when adding another layer below it. The simple and clean look allow for this addition to your wardrobe, to fit the day to day look but also have you feeling dry and not looking out of place if  you need to step up the rest of your clothing for the day.

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