The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine” … The woman or man that first said this was one wise human being.

I know routine can initiate mundane thoughts in some people’s mind – the idea of duplicating something over and over like it’s Groundhog Day is just baffling to them. 

I am not one of those beings. I have come to learn over these last 6 years of my life that curating a daily routine to follow is one of the most prosperous actions I can take. A morning routine mentally sets me on the right path to tackle what’s needed in the day ahead and not be side-tracked or get started off on a foul mood due to a lack of preparation.

Let me help you get there as well. Try these steps out yourself and tweak them as you’d like to make them benefit your morning best.




Wake-Up – 5:30 AM

I set my alarm for 5:30 AM every day … unless I have clients to train, then it’s 4 AM with an abbreviated routine I follow. But for my most productive and positive days, it’s a 5:30 start for me.

Our bodies are very intricate and smarter than you or I know. Setting a standard time to rise will have you unknowingly set a more proper bedtime – which leads to you getting those 6 to 8 hours needed (instead of going to bed at 1 AM because you watched Netflix’s Stranger Things for the last 3 hours).

Shower and Skin Care

The first thing I do is take a warm shower to help me get out of my sleepy mind state. I find that those who don’t shower till later on in the day tend to be lazier – it’s as if they are putting off the first step to starting their day off properly.

After my shower, I follow my facial routine using products from Ursa Major.

Bullet Proof Coffee

I made the switch to Bullet Proof Coffee over a year ago now and haven’t looked back. I will search high and low if I am not sleeping in my apartment to find the nearest BPC to start my day. The positive energy I get from the grass-fed butter fat fuel instead of dairy milk is astounding. When made right, it’s a thing of beauty and is a vital step in having a productive day.

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Read a Novel

A novel or something on paper, not your phone fellas! I read for 15 minutes minimum.

This step is here to save myself from drowning too early in the tidal wave of notifications and emails I receive overnight and allow my brain to warm up on some actual beneficial knowledge before it starts reading the mind-numbing Tweets Trump sent out at 3 AM.

I like to read more self-help books or anything informational to help better myself in some way. Some suggestions for you to start off with are …

Tribe of Mentors” by Time Ferris – If you don’t know of Tim Ferris yet, just google the man and he will come up on every platform possible with the highest viewership on each. This book is by far my favourite morning read because of how easy it is to digest due to the short form writing style on each person. He asks highly successful people questions and gets answers that we can take and implement in our everyday routines and plans.

12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson – Dr. Peterson journeys broadly, discussing discipline, freedom, adventure and responsibility, distilling the world’s wisdom into 12 practical and profound rules for life. Shatters the modern commonplaces of science, faith and human nature, while transforming and ennobling the mind and spirit of its readers.


I’ll admit this has been an ongoing battle on the consistence-front for me. I have been meditating on and off for over a year now, but in no way can I say I am above step 1 so far. However, when I do manage to string together 7 to 14 days in a row, I do feel better about myself … and hey, isn’t that the outright goal in all this?!

I’d recommend to start off small and do 5 minutes … then work your way up slowly in 5-minute increments as the weeks go by.

I use the Headspace App


My final step in my morning routine, after soaking up all the mental positives, is to allow them and anything else going on in my head to come out in written form with a pen – preferably with a silky smooth pen that encourages a hand-written deluge of words.

I was gifted the CDT Fountain Pen from the Japanese company Rikumo. It’s less than $15 but feels like a million bucks when it’s grasped in my hand sliding along parchment.

There is no blueprint for this writing, put down whatever comes. I usually write about my prior day’s events, what I liked about, and what I would like to have changed. 

A lot of people also use this time to write down 3 gratitudes they have for the day. 

This routine takes me around 60 minutes from wakeup to this point – that is, 60 minutes of being coherent with myself and allowing myself to recognize the real me before I dive headfirst into the world as we know it.

Once this is done, go ahead and get your Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter on… may as well check mine since your on it 😉 

Pick your poison and IV that shit hardwire right to your brain for the next 12 hrs.

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