Its not often that I get too let you folks into the littler known areas of my life… you know the, the real important questions like do I get scared while watching a scary movie.

I answered 22 questions for you just like this in the movie farther down on the blog, but I decided to take a few of the questions and give you some more detail and go a little more in-depth on my answer.

1) When was the last time you cried?
    Too be honest, I was in a situation more than a year ago now that was something I had never dealt with in my life before. It had to do with me and my significant other at the time. It was a scary time for us both and a lot of tears were shed. It was a good reminder that we all have our times of hardship, so be considerate to others – you may not know the struggles they are dealing with daily.
2) Do you have kids?
    I have no kids and never have I been married, and I am single at this time of writing this.
3) Whats the firs thing you notice about people?
    When I meet someone I tend to gauge their answers and thoughts on the topic we are discussing, to see how realistic they are. I find many people these days don’t have a grasp on reality. It’s an awesome thing to reach for the stars, but if you can’t first crawl to stand up, there is very small percentage chance you will end up grasping the universe in your clutches.
4) What colour are your eyes?
    A murky haze of and ancient oak , muddled with the texture of a silken Ferrero Rocher … also known as Brown
5) Scary movie or happy ending?
    My parents made the wrong choice on the decision on when to let me watch a scary tv show, because the vivid memory of seeing a man getting his ass bitten in a port-a-potty by a three toothed creature, (which finding out later this was a reproductive move, as the man then took a number 2 days later and the creatures babies came out instead) this was the one and only X-files tv episode I ever saw, which led to have zero desire to watch any horror movie.
The concept of being scared gives me no satisfaction. I’m a giant and I’m not afraid to say it, I dislike scary movies. My preferred genre would be Adventure Film … and coming in a close second are Animation, like Monsters Inc… I love that shit lol.
6) Furthest you have ever been from home
    This would have to be Shanghai, I went there this summer to visit my friend who moved their 4 years ago. Loved the city and the Chinese culture and food. However the farthest in culture shock terms would have to be my trip three months after my Shanghai trip, where I flew to Marrakesh, Morocco. That was a whole new world to experience, from the sights, constant sounds and explosion of smells all around.  I’m hoping to expand these answers in these upcoming years, through my work on here. Traveling the world and making money documenting my trips is one of my goals from all that I am doing on Instagram / YouTube / Twitter
7) What do you want to be when you grow up?
    I’m happy to say my life has taken a positive change in direction in the last year, on this exact answer. I grew up an athlete, getting drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in 2003 and playing college baseball and basketball down in Louisiana at LSUS. I was the typical stereotype jock and didn’t finish my degree. I then saw the easiest route was to go into personal training. And for the last handful of years i regrettably saw that as my only chance at grown up success… shows you how thrilled I was at that outcome.
With the help of a friend who runs Singlemaltdaily on IG, one of if not the top Whiskey pages on the Gram. He taught me the basics at that time for playing the game right on IG. And I took the ball from there and ran with it the best I knew, and could teach myself. From what I have achieved so far, I foresee my future making money on this new social media world we have at our fingertips.
8) What sports did you play growing up
    I was an athlete down to the core from day one. From starting baseball and soccer at age seven, to being in high school playing rugby, basketball and volleyball all in one day. Sports was all I knew and all I foresaw in my future. I was lucky enough to be talented along with being 6’7.  I got drafted in my senior year of high school in the Major League Baseball draft to the Toronto Blue Jays. I didn’t sign, instead I went and played fours years in Texas and Louisiana. Ending up playing a fifth year of sports eligibility on the Basketball team in LSUS. All in all I played soccer for 12 years , baseball for 17 years , basketball for 8 years , volleyball for 5 years , and rugby for 1 year.
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